What makes HortGrow coco different?

Supply Chain

HortGrow owns and operates their own facility in India, ensuring quality assurance and having control of their own supply chain and availability of product. Local US inventory is kept in both California and New Jersey, ensuring continual availability and swift shipping, usually within 2 to 5 business days in most of North America.

Industry Experience

HortGrow’s founder has worked for large berry producers on the west coast and found shortcomings with the coco coir available to berry growers at that time. Many batches of coco coir were subpar or had issues with inconsistent supply. James began doing research and began sourcing coco from select locations with abundant rain water, to ensure low salt content. The coconuts were specifically chosen for their husk size, texture, and maturity. The coco was selected by maturity specifically for horticultural needs, avoiding immature product often used by other suppliers. Immature coco is high in phenolic compounds and oils, which can contribute to inconsistent dryback and nutrient lockout. New methods and equipment were developed to produce better textured pith without sacrificing efficiency. 

Our Proprietary Processing

HortGrow’s coco is properly aged for use as a substrate and twice washed for a cleaner product. The water being used for washing and rinsing has been balanced to maximize proper leaching of undesirables and correctly buffer and pH the media. The coco is sun dried in a controlled environment, away from pathogens and pests until the ideal moisture content is achieved.

Further down the production process, the coco is sieved and graded to the ideal particle size and any fine dust or powder is removed. This produces a highly textured product that doesn’t break down as easily as competitor’s products and contributes to ideal pore size and aeration. Coco chips are added that have been through the same selective production process, at various ratios, to ensure proper drainage. Cut fibers are also added to increase hygroscopic movement and reduce channeling.

Flexibility for Growers

Various configurations are available to suit the grower’s needs, such as plastic or mesh fabric bags. Cartons can be packed large or small. Extensive quality control ensures that there is near perfect consistency from bag to bag in volume and expansion.

Nurturing Precision

HortGrow’s motto is “Nurturing Precision”, enabling the growers to be in control of how they fertigate and irrigate. Everything is done in our capacity to allow the grower to achieve what they want to achieve without the media being in the way. HortGrow has had very consistent quality and quality control with a high rate of customer satisfaction and customer retention rate.

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