Vision, Mission and Values

Our HortGrow Vision

Our vision is to translate Growers’ needs and requirements into innovative, precision-manufactured growing media that is sustainably sourced, and available at an affordable cost.

Our goal is to be a seamless part of our professional growers’ supply chain, delivering customized grow sacks and palleted product to their grow-site at the precise time for each growth cycle.

Our global vision of eco-responsible farming across the globe includes making professional-grade coco pith products available on the web for home gardeners and greenhouses.

Our HortGrow Mission

HortGrow’s Mission is three-fold:

To supply innovative, premium quality Coco Coir products which exceed the expectation

To ensure that our customers receive the best value for their purchase of the finest eco-sustainable Coco Coir products on the market.

To support business development and employment stability within the Coco Pith industry in the regions of the world where they are sourced.

Our HortGrow Values


We are continually researching and achieving new insight that leads to innovative products.


We are committed to the HortGrow brand promise and to corporate integrity.


We value and learn from our customer relationships and respect worthy competitors.

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