HortGrow SmartEra™ Open Tops
A proven, OMRI listed, hydroponic substrate for professional growing applications, facilitating maximum precision in plant management. HortGrow Open Tops are made with a pre-mixed proprietary blend of fresh water rinsed and aged coco pith, chips and fiber to ensure optimum...
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HortGrow SmartEra™ Grow Bags
HortGrow Grow Bags are designed for specialty growing needs. Optimized design, premium quality ingredients and superior manufacturing ensures improved distribution of water, oxygen and nutrients, enabling plant roots to expand across entire media surfaces for a more stable growth environment....
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HortGrow Coco Slabs
OMRI listed, HortGrow Coco Slabs are customized to grower-defined dimensions and pre-blended in the required coco Fractions. Coco slabs save labor, time and money, while offering precise control of the desired growing media. Layered Coco Slabs HortGrow’s slabs can be layered with Coco Chips...
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HortGrow Coco Discs
HortGrow Coco Discs are exclusively designed for each specific application. These discs are popular alternative to loose fill potting mixes in the cultivation of flowers, vegetables and soft fruits. Depending on the crop and container volume, our manufacturing process takes...
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