Environmental Responsibility

HortGrow is committed to improving the ecology of the planet by engaging in the development, production and distribution of sustainable horticultural products.

Environmental Responsibility

HortGrow’s Coconut Coir production creates the earth’s best growing medium by recycling the cast-off husks of the culinary coconut processing industry.

Coco Peat products reduce the impact of greenhouse gasses while providing a scientifically-proven growing medium that significantly reduces the use of water and nutrients necessary to produce abundant crops.

Additionally, we are committed to sharing scientifically sound “Best Practices” with our Professional Growers and Home Gardeners in an effort to help growers across the globe reduce the impact on the environment while increasing their yield

Social Responsibility

HortGrow supports the economy of the communities in which our products are sourced.  Investment in factories, community infrastructure and labor-force brings employment and stability to our employees and their families.

We support the safety training of our workforce and stress “Production Best Practices” as it relates to the local environment and the manufacturing processes within our facilities.

We support Community Gardening and School Gardening projects and encourage programs that teach individuals and communities how to make fresh produce more easily available close to home.

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