How HortGrow container growing media are made?

HortGrow’s superior growing media products are made by HortBio Technologies PVT LTD, our exclusive manufacturing partner in India. At our Factories, we process raw coconut husks into its various coco fractions known as coco pith, fiber, and chips. Using scientific research and our experience as active growers of soft fruits, we create our versatile and sustainable growing media with optimum water and nutrient retention and aeration to nurture superior container-grown plants.


Collection of Coconut Husks

We choose coconut growing areas that are free from major contaminants such as toxic chemicals, salts and industrial pollutants

We collect mature and dried coconut husks from fresh-water grown coconut trees


Processing of coconut husks

Husks are submerged in pools with constantly replenishing fresh water for several months. Mature husks may also be processed without this step

Dehusking separates pith and fiber. Husks may also be cut in to chips and shreds of various sizes


Washing and drying of cocopith and fiber

Cocopith/fiber/chips used in our growing media are washed 4 times to lower salts to optimum levels with fresh water on concrete pads.

Buffering with Calcium Nitrate is carried out for certain applications

Washed pith and fiber are then dried under full sun to achieve a moisture content below 16% for processing

Well dried coco fractions are packed in sacs and stored dry for several months to achieve optimal maturation


Pressing cocopith and fiber into final product

Each lot of well aged coco fractions are again tested to ensure optimum EC and pH and are sifted to remove fine dusts and extraneous matter

Sieved cocopith, fiber and chips (as required) are pressed into functional shapes, according to customer requirements

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