• The Expert Way to Hydrate Coco Peat

    The Expert Way to Hydrate Coco Peat

    Coco peat, the gardeners most efficient grow medium, is generally shipped in a compressed block or disc. Just add water and plant, right? While that’s the basic process, a “slow and steady wins the race” approach produces the best results. Here are some of HortGrow’s “Best Practices” for gardening success. Hydrating Coco Blocks HortGrow coco peat grow mixes are 5 kilo blocks, shipped in...
  • Earth, Air, Light and Water

    Earth, Air, Light and Water

    Timeless Elements Are Still Key to Successful Gardens When the temperature climbs over the 100° mark, it’s natural to concentrate on watering our plants to help them through the fiery part of the summer. But there’s a reason that every culture across the globe and through the ages defines not just water as the wellspring of life, but rather the balance of Earth, Air,...
  • What is Coco Peat?

    What is Coco Peat?

    Why Does It Make the Ideal Growing Media? Coco Peat is not “peat” at all, but when processed into growing medium, is somewhat similar in appearance and function to “peat moss.” Peat moss is extracted from peat bogs that release billions of tons of greenhouse gasses per year, and take 1000’s of years to renew. Coco Peat is a sustainable, renewable resource that is...
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