HortGrow Coco Coir Blocks

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HortGrow Compressed Coco bales are available in multiple options and combinations. Coco Fractions in various ratios of mixed Coco Pith, Coco Fiber and Coco Chips are available in a pressed, easily transportable form. The most popular options are 5Kg blocks and 650g briquettes. HortGrow offers standard blends of washed coco specified below.

GrowSure: 100% sieved coco pith, dust removed

GrowPlus: 90% sieved coco pith with 10% fiber, dust removed

GrowMax: 80% sieved coco pith with 10% fiber and 10% chips, dust removed

GrowUltra: 70% sieved coco pith with 10% fiber, 10% chips and 10% coco shreds, dust removed

GrowExcel: 50% sieved coco pith with 10% fiber, 20% chips and 20% coco shreds, dust removed

  • Custom sizes and configurations available on request


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