Proven and Reliable Performance

Industry research and experience of berry growers worldwide has shown coco coir as the proven alternative to traditional potting mix blends for container production. Based on grower tested results, HortGrow offers expertly blended coco mixes in compressed forms that expand perfectly to fit existing hard-sided containers or in our own durable plastic/fabric grow bag options.

HortGrow's layered growing media option (husk chips at the bottom) maximizes drainage, while our "berry specific coco blends" help to maintain optimum air and moisture levels throughout for enhanced root development and nutrient absorption. Growers save on labor, time and costs with HortGrow coco slabs, grow bags and discs which come pre-drilled with holes to anchor irrigation emitters to help expand the media quickly and fully. Ideal for high density planting within water and nutrient recapture systems, providing additional cost and resource savings. Besides, easily removable sections eliminate pest or disease issues should they arise. 

Coco coir is a "fully biodegradable, recyclable and naturally sustainable" growing media option that is helping to revolutionize berry growing. HortGrow is proud to partner with berry growers worldwide in shaping a greener growing technology.

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